Dr. Robert Princenthal on KCAL 9

Dr. Robert Princenthal on KCAL 9

In order to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer Month, Dr. Princenthal recently visited KCAL-9 to talk about some of the issues involved in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. It’s the second most common cancer among men, with over 220,000 new cases every year, yet many men aren’t aware of how to protect themselves with basic screening techniques, like the PSA blood test or prostate MRI.

Prostate MRI is one of the latest tools in the fight against prostate cancer. It provides physicians with accurate and detailed images of the prostate gland, which allows them to see the cancer and performed targeted biopsies. Previously, doctors performed unguided biopsies, which were not only uncomfortable, but missed many serious cancers.

To ensure they receive appropriate treatment, Dr. Princenthal advises men 50 and older to talk to their doctor about prostate imaging. In the past, there were few centers capable of quality imaging, but now RadNet has fourteen centers throughout southern California that can perform this exam, giving more men access to this important technology. To learn more about this new technique and its effect on prostate cancer, watch the full interview with Dr. Princenthal below.


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