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Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer. Prostate cancer awareness is essential for prevention, early detection and timely treatment. Prostate MRI is one of the most advanced techniques available to screen and stage prostate cancer.

Are You A Candidate for Prostate MRI?

  • Elevated Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA levels), >4.
  • Suspicious rising levels, > 2.5.
  • Negative prior trans-rectal ultrasound-guided biopsy.
  • Positive digital rectal examination with negative trans-rectal ultrasound-guided biopsy.
  • An appointment needs to be 8-10 weeks after ultrasound biopsy is performed.

Additional Information


Speak to your primary care physician or your urologist if you believe that you may benefit from prostate MRI or MRI-guided prostate biopsy. A prescription is required to schedule a prostate MRI procedure.

The facilities associated with the RadNet Prostate MRI Program provide a warm and inviting spa like environment where you will be able to select a TV show, movie or concert to watch during your exam.

A Prostate MRI exam is less than 45 minutes and requires an IV contrast. The night before a Prostate MRI procedure it is important to not take anything after midnight other than your usual medications with water.

At the time of your appointment, all preparations will be discussed. If your health insurance does not cover the Prostate MRI procedure prescribed to you please ask us about special discount cash pricing which may be available.

We encourage you to read through our website for information about our Program and to contact one of our centers if you have any questions.

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